Move around with w,s, a, d or arrow keys. If you can't move click in the game window with your mouse.

Roll over the yellow and black striped platform to win the game.

About Game:

This is a muck around game I made while learning the Unity3d game engine. It started out as the official roll a ball tutorial but is changing rapidly to the point of where it is unique enough to no longer resemble the original game.

It is very much the early days of this game and is going to evolve over time until the final release.

Help Build The Game Of Your Dreams

I am using an iterative development approach meaning I am building and releasing as I develop the game.

For you this means that if you have cool ideas or things you'd like to see in the game then you can post it here.

Also if there are things that just completely suck let me know and I can remove the sucky bits to have a better all round game.

Development Roadmap

My development roadmap at this stage is to have a few levels and the completed game play mechanics finished by the end of September 2016.

Assuming people like the game I will then spend more time building out levels for an additional two months for a final release of the game in late November / early December 2016.

So if all goes well the game will be ready in time for Christmas so you can cancel the festive season with your family and friends because you'll be too addicted to my game to interact with other people.

Well maybe not but hey positive thinking and all that...

Reporting Bugs, Issues and Game Ideas

I am using source control as I develop the game so I thought I would make the issue tracker public so you can report any problems you find. It also supports posting enhancements to the issue tracker but I'm still not sure I think game enhancements probably should stay on game jolt so others can comment etc.

StatusIn development
AuthorAnthony Irwin
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds